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Slider Height and Width


QUESTION: where is the mentioned selector that assigns "auto"?
This workaround might be ideal for one with access to and knowledge of the stylesheet, but for an end user (my customers) that is not an option. Especially if they load multiple instances of the Slider module throughout their site, I'll be the one modifying
the heights for each of them :-)
Basically what I am stating is that the default HEIGHT value in settings is AUTO - but it cannot be changed and saved. Also, the jQuery runtime code (HTML output of the slider) does not even have HEIGHT in the cycle attributes/values, only the WIDTH. Here
is the view source:
{jQuery('#divWnsSlideShow_257').cycle({fx: 'uncover',pause: 1,speed: 2000,width: '900px'} Is it possible for you to correct this issue on your next release?
The random rendering of a small thumbail (instead of the full size slide) is usually due to one of the W x H values not being defined. There are many forums out there where this issue is discussed, but I found this one to be the most helpful for me:
I am using the Install version
01.02.00 of this module on DNN v6.01.05


wrote Nov 30 at 1:34 PM