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all images shows during loading


We are using Content Slider 1.2.0, in DNN 7.01 . The database is SQL Server 2008 R2 and IIS version 7.5 and os is Windows web server 2008 R2. IIS and SQL are on the same machine (virtual).

We have the same Content Slider module on all pages in the site, and the module holds 8 different images with the same size located in the same pane.

When loading a page using a small bandwidth, you can see that first all images are displayed, and then after a short period of time the correct image shows, and the rest is normal.

We have tried to get away of this problem using the method altering the file "module.css", as in the discussion found here: . That workaround nearly solves the problem but not quite. When using that workarround the last image is shown, a bit missplaced, before the correct image shows in the correct position.

Please note that the problem can be hard to see when using the site at high bandwidth.

How can this be solved?